Chairman's Message

Our diverse portfolio encompasses Oil & Gas/ Energy, Power Plant Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC), Large Distribution and Transmission Network, Operations & Maintenance, Service of Plant & Equipment, Energy Audit and Technology Evaluation & Technical Services related to medium & large Power Plants, Complete solutions in Water Treatment systems, Chemicals for Plant & Industrial applications and Facilities Management.

Our projects have helped grow local economies and in Middle East regions. Our efforts have improved the quality of life for communities and people around the world. Time and again our work has demonstrated that the only limits on human achievement are those that we place on ourselves. Through a balanced assortment of examination and developments, we want to create value while bringing long-term social and economic benefits to the country, Middle East in particular and the communities we work with.

Our licence to do this hinges on being a safe and responsible Company and trusted partners. Our approach protects not only people, communities and the environment but also our brand and reputation. It is consistent with our core values of building respect, nurturing relationships and acting responsibly.

In our industry, health, safety, security and wellbeing of people and the environment come first. That is why we ensure we have robust processes and systems in place to protect people’s health, safety and security, prevent accidents and respond quickly and effectively in the event of an exigency.

Throughout the history of Sabson, we have worked through strategic marketing and cultural relations with other countries in order to build trust and affiliation with them. Armed with its vast array of trading information and resources, the people of this group are creative and flexible. We adapt to gradually changing market conditions while moving ahead steadily for a successful business.

We hope that through this Profile, we can stimulate your interest in doing business with us. The success of Sabson-energy is linked to the success of our clients and it will always be our earnest endeavour to serve them.

We look forward in serving you to fulfil your business expectations.