Business Areas

Facility Management

Sabson Energy offers this new approach in the Yemen and Middle East energy market by which we provide large scope of Facility Management (FM) services, supplies and solutions.

The FM service offering is covering large spectrum of the customer activities from the most simple and routine jobs to the technical and complicated tasks.

Our FM scope includes simple, routine technical and maintenance tasks, complex technical tasks, plant Operation and Maintenance (O&M), gardening, cleaning, expedition, workshop, warehouse, office requirements and works.

Sabson Energy provides good local outsourcing opportunity with regional and international reach who can help the customers economically and efficiently remove their burdens / their non-essential and non-core activities and allow them to focus on their core business activities and perform them more efficiently.

Sabson Energy FM scope covers almost all customer’s outsource-able activities excluding catering and security services.

Sabson Energy can also provide skilled labor for short and long term and for specific project staffing.