About Sabson

Who we are

We are an Energy Solutions & Service provider besides Supplies Company providing passionately best in class services, equipment and products to the Oil, Gas, Power and Water Industries in the MENA region We are actively working in the Petroleum and Petrochemical products viz. Gas Oil, Mo gas & other residual fuel products being exported outside UAE.

Our highly qualified team of business management, specialists, engineers, technicians, consultants and supply chain experts are ready and available in-house or in-coordination with our international and professional business partners to meet every possible challenge being faced by our customer with our able and creative solutions.

With full understanding about the local challenges and the international professional industry standard requirements, we are ready and capable to offer customized and cost effective solutions that shall fit the requirement of our customers regardless of the size and the level of complexity of the project.

Equipped with highly positive attitude, technically sound, customer focused, friendly and excellent communication skills, our well groomed and experienced hands-on teams are capable to become very productive member of any project team.

As part of our group’s strictly respected culture, we are as a company committed at all levels to legal and business ethics standards, compliance requirements with real and serious attention to corporate social responsibility and respect to multicultural work environment.