Business Areas

Environment, Safety Equipment & Services

The choices we make for where and how we live have enormous impacts on our well-being economy and natural environment.

We develop and advocate sustainable Environment solutions for our communities in association with independent consulting companies who are in this area of specialization.

We do provide all kind of safety materials through our good business association with different manufacturers and suppliers.

The kind of material supplies include but not limited to

  • Eye and Face Protection.
  • Respiratory Protection.
  • Hand Protection.
  • Work Garments.
  • Protective Clothing.
  • Protective Footwear.
  • Communication Equipment’s
  • Safety Signs.
  • Headwear and Head Protection.
  • Miscellaneous Equipment.
  • Firefighting
    (Bonex FR911 is a revolutionary product in firefighting that can put out the fire fast with a new Japanese’s technology tanks. The product needs no training nor maintenance with self life of five years. SABSON is the sole distributor in the region).